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about city


We are a TEAM. While not blood relatives, we are a tight-knit family of quirky, weird lovable, ass-kicking individuals who love what we do. We believe in Family, Team Work as a Team Player, and Collaboration coupled with Contribution. We embrace our Community and encourage Positivity, Thankfulness, and able all Kindness!

We want to Win. We are TEAM CITY.


We Empower Passion. Fans shout, scream, and yell for their team and are not afraid to show it. We want everyone to see that same passion in everything we do!
Go big or go home!


We Take Initiative. We embrace challenges and overcome obstacles through hard work and thoughtful innovation, a growth mindset, and focused determination. We are the leaders of our own ideas, We always Do One More!


We Deliver Awesome. We partner with the best brands in the world. We make sure you always look your best. Customer service, communication, product quality, precision in action.

We exceed expectations!


We are Speed. We achieve maximum performance and productivity by being efficient, flexible, quick & nimble. We understand slow is smooth - smooth is fast!


We Do Right. We do the right thing when nobody is looking. We say what we mean, and mean what we say. We are committed to excellence and never stop learning. Guided by an open mind, we are resourceful, bold, expressive, trustworthy, and professional.

Our North Star is Integrity.

WE HAVE FUN. We encourage passion, positivity, optimism, and independence through playfulness, and creativity. You know the drill - work hard, play hard!

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